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Charisma Property Consultancy - Services
With extensive experience in property investment, construction and renovation projects throughout the Athens Riviera and the Greek Islands, we are the ones to help you find the right investment for your budget and needs.
Financial Consultancy
Legal Advisory
VIP Constructions
Investment Appraisal
Luxurious Renovations
Why in Athens ?
  • The long period of steady property prices drop - due to the financial recession - combined with the massive investments during the last year point to the booming of the property investment in the years to come.
  •  The spreads have reached a historical low (close to 1.36) leading to more favourable money lending terms, reducing country risk and accelerating the development.
  • High profile investments (such as Asteras' acquisition by ACG Equity Partners, rebranded as Four Seasons Astir) attract quality tourism globally.
  • The creation of a world class Metropolitan Park (2,000,000 sq.m)., as well as the enhancement of the Athens Riviera Coastal Front will further increase the investments in properties.
  • Athens is a beautiful, safe European capital with great beaches in which you can easily swim nearly all year long. Moreover, the choices in leisure activities and night life are numerous every day of the week.
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