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Construction & Property Development Project Management

We offer effective residential project construction management through planning, delegating, monitoring and control of all building and property development aspects to achieve objectives within the expected performance targets for quality, scope, cost, time, customers’ perceived benefits and risks from conception to completion (including commissioning) on behalf of our clients.

We exhaustively cover the following activity categories:

  • Building Consultancy

  • Specification & Design

  • Cost-, Time- & Quality- Planning

  • Legal Documentation & Permitting

  • Procurement

  • Site- & Space- Fitting

  • Construction

  • Technical Due Diligence & Quality Control

  • Progress Monitoring & Control

  • Performance- & Risk- Management

  • Change Management

  • Asset Handover & Project Closure

  • Post-Project Support & Review 

To this end, and throughout the project’s lifecycle, our project management team:

  • Establishes mechanisms to judge that the project remains desirable, viable and achievable

  • Delineates proper structures of accountability and responsibility

  • Implements means by which it secures the final end-product is in accordance with our customers’ quality expectations and standards, the quality criteria as per detailed product descriptions and fit-for-purpose

  • Facilitates communication and control by defining the means and schedule of project deliverables 

  • Identifies and controls all potential issues that may jeopardize the project’s ability to succeed

  • Utilizes mechanisms of monitoring and comparison for progress of achievements planned vs. actual 

  • Assesses and integrates any necessary approved changes to baselined project products and descriptions

We design and build according to your needs and aspirations. And we respect your available budget. To this end, we offer you a detailed specification and explanation of all respective project costs accompanied by a cash flow analysis and ensuing schedule. No question marks and uncertainty regarding what you will need to pay and when. We embrace a staged investment approach, meaning that you will pay in predefined intervals for specific deliverables and after you ascertain their conformance to pre-requisites. Hence, we do not only build or develop the residence FOR you, but we bring it to life WITH you. This process is designed to make it as convenient as possible for you with us taking care of all project aspects of your property development.

Consequently, we provide our clients with regular time- and event- driven updates regarding project progress through Highlight Reports with adequate, accurate and timely flow of information including:

  • Project Plan

  • Earned Value Management metrics

  • Milestone Chart

  • Work Packages

  • Dashboard with selected KPIs

  • If applicable, recommendations for change compared to initial product description(s)

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